Design and Furniture

Expert assistance in the choice of the stone, identifying the right material for every project of design. Starting from a project base realised by the designer and the specialists, we realise components and elements that are part of design furniture.

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In order to make your bathroom unique, we realise products made of marble, stone and granite. Both for finishing activities and for the creation of furniture, it is possible to follow the whole realisation of the product from the project phase to the delivery, always considering the design and functionality of that particular element.

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We realise customised counters, according to aesthetic taste and functional preferences.The elements made of marble, stone and granite can be integrated into furniture and decor.

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Special manufacturing

Complex structures become challenges to win. Thanks to our technical knowledge, handcraft experience and technical equipment we realise innovative projects. The knowledge of materials and of their properties becomes an essential element to satisfy design needs.

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Exclusive materials for unique projects

Scalvinimarmi pays attention to every project starting from the choice of raw materials. Selecting the right type of marble, stone and granite, and thanks to a kind of manufacturing that mixes innovation with handcraft mastery, unique projects take shape. Scalvinimarmi can provide customers with an accurate consultation in the choice of the best material according to the features of the product they want to realise.