Project study and feasibility

Selection of the raw materials

Manufacturing process

Finishing and laying test

Quality control



The company takes pride in its laboratory: a modern structure that represents the productive heart of Scalvinimarmi.

In the plant you can find several machines that, together with the traditional hand-finishing, allow us to obtain high-quality finished products, typical of a company like Scalvinimarmi.

Our machines can be considered among the most technologically advanced in this sector and they include modern shapers/CNC milling machines with 5 interpolated axes, waterjet CNC cut with 5 interpolated axes, polishers, single-head and in-line edge-polishers. Moreover, we perform diamond wire cutting in order to obtain blocks of marble and granite with the desired thickness.

Special attention was given to our hand-finishing department: here you can find workstations equipped with modern dry extractor fans where our experienced workers carefully finish the product by hand in order to guarantee the highest quality level.

Technical office

Our qualified technicians are supported by the most modern technologies and this allows them to accurately analyse the customer’s demands, very often by suggesting the right material and the best processes to follow in order to realise a project in the best way.

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Our company has its own internal carpentry and here we produce tailor-made cages and boxes with HT treatment, which is certified for shipment within and out of the EU as proper packaging, in order to reduce possible damage due to transportation. Our workers carefully follow the packaging phase and they issue a photographic report that has to be sent to the customer before shipping the goods.