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About us

About us

We enrich your projects

Scalvini Marmi

 We embellish your projects, even the most challenging and complex ones. We are a well-established, family-run Italian company and have been creating unique natural stone products for the furniture and interior design industry for over 30 years.

We are located in Breno, a small town nestled in Val Camonica. We have a very strong bond with our territory, thanks to its unspoilt beauty and the genuineness of the people who live there.


 Family, our most precious asset

The teachings and values, which we hand down from one generation to the next, are a wealth of knowledge and experience from which we draw to deal with small and big choices.

We embrace mistakes and successes equally, to always improve a little more.

We zealously devote ourselves to work, combining it with personal satisfaction and environmental comfort.

Each of our creations is the result of deep meticulousness and detailed research.

Our history

  • 1981

    In 1981 Mario and Laura founded Scalvini Marmi, dealing mainly with small construction work and funerary art, in a basement in the town of Breno.

  • 1984

    A first major expansion took place in 1984, thanks to the acquisition of a company in a neighbouring town.

  • 1991

    In 1991 the first and current headquarters were built in Breno, in the province of Brescia.

  • '90

    During the 1990s, far-sighted investments were made in technology, purchasing new, modern numerical controlled machines.

    This contributes to a change in the main product: from funerary art and small construction works to the furniture industry, with the first creations of hollowed-out sinks, columns, and bathtubs.

  • '90

    While making many important investments in technological innovation, Scalvini Marmi began to participate in the most important exhibitions in this sector to raise awareness of the company outside Italy.

  • 2000

    Since the 2000s, Matteo, Andrea and Marta have joined the management and they have been carrying their parents’ tradition of working the finest natural stones on.
    Today the site occupies 15,000 square metres, 2000 square metres of which are covered by a modern industrial structure. We are 19 people who firmly believe in Scalvini Marmi. Each of us has his or her own role and identity.


 We embrace authenticity and share an insatiable desire to experiment and challenge ourselves.

  • Mario Scalvini

  • Matteo Scalvini

    Head of production and logistics
  • Marta Scalvini

  • Andrea Scalvini

    Head of Italy - Foreign Sales Office
  • Laura Scalvini

    Head of Foreign Sales Office
  • Gianluca Casari

  • Paolo Peloni

  • Gianluca Lardelli

    Technical design
  • Erjon Hasimi